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TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT`s technical management performs all of the services that maximize the operational efficiency and physical condition of our client`s vessel in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators, our ship owning clients, and our clients` customers.

Our technical managers have a rigorous approach to safety, security, and environmental protection. Our expert staff applies efficient operating systems based on proven technologies and resources available for both - shore and ship-based operations.`s Superintendents represent multiple nationalities and languages. All together they have experience from most of the relevant maritime sectors.

This mix of backgrounds and nationalities gives an advantage in today`s globalized shipping industry.

Long experience combined with modern effective tools is key success factors and our technical services and day to day work range from budgeting, docking, planning, and performing ordinary maintenance and system follow up.

Our Technical Management services include:

Technical supervision

Technical Department supervises the ships technical installations, and advises, in close cooperation with the vessels' crew, ensuring the vessels are operated economically and technically responsible, so the vessels at any given time meet the demands set by Authorities, Classification Societies, charterers, etc.


Vessel Inspection and Reports

Technical Department inspects the vessels at regular intervals, issuing reports to give our clients the best possible tools the operating their vessels.


Vessel Performance Monitoring

The performance of the vessel is constantly monitored, enabling the technical department to intervene as soon as possible, thus ensuring that costs are kept at the lowest possible level.


Dry dockings and major repairs

The department likewise has good connections with shipyards, repair facilities, etc. in Northern Europe and is, therefore, able to plan economically advantageous and “just in time”. The department takes part in the total process, right from planning of docking and repairs, supervision during execution, as well as the following control of invoices.


Budgetary and Financial controls

The department likewise takes part in the drawing up of a budget of running costs, followed by the continuous budget control


Planned Maintenance Systems

Our technical department has a wast experience with several PMS-systems, which the superintendents monitor on the client's behalf. This also enables us to give the client's best possible advice on which system is appropriate for this particular client. Technical Department trains the crews and act’s as sparring partners during the implementation of the PMS.


Purchasing -  Inventory control

As part of Total Ship Management, has developed a well-functioning Purchase department. Through this department, we handle all procurements for the vessels as spare parts, consumables, new equipment, etc. including storage and shipment to the port of call. Our purchasers have long experience and developed a substantial network within logistics and with suppliers and agents.

Through frame agreements with many suppliers, we offer our clients very competitive prices, effective handling and short delivery times. We do not compromise on quality and always quality assure the equipment before delivery. To achieve this, we have developed our own branch in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and Aalborg, Denmark.


Insurance arrangement and Claims handling negotiates and offers their partners competitive insurance solutions for Hull & Machinery, Loss of Hire, P & I, Crew, and War insurance. From purchasing to marine claims handling, will ensure the client has the right protection to meet their operational needs. This is made possible through a long relationship with various insurance companies and brokers. like to take an active part in the negotiations.


Any other Technical assistance that a shipowner may require.

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