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Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy believes in creating good working conditions where there are no accidents, no injury to personnel, no damage to the environment and no damage to equipment.

The CEO and the Board of directors have the main responsibility for this overall Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (hereafter HSEQ) policy.

The company will always operate according to good work practice and organise its work based(comply) on the internationally recognized health, safety and environmental system for ships.

The goal at is to be one of the best and most reliable shipping companies which offer professional services to our customers. Our activities are mainly management of vessels owned by external companies.

The company´s aims are zero lost workdays, zero unplanned events, minimal burden on the environment, and the least possible material damage.

The Company’s HSEQ policy will be implemented by:

  • all employees participating in a constant improvement of the company’s services

  • all employees being familiar with their responsibilities, and carrying out their duties with understanding, enthusiasm and safety

  • all employees being kept informed of all known hazards that may affect themselves, their colleagues and the environment.

  • all employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) wherever this is required. 

  • all employees and contractors have an obligation and authority to stop work whenever they consider it unsafe.

  • the company endeavouring to ensure that all employees receive proper and appropriate training and possibilities for the continued improvement of competency

  • the company working strictly according to the HSEQ system which identifies problems, defines solutions, implements improvements and carries out assessments.

  • the company holding regular meetings to evaluate and improve all work procedures.

  • the company carrying out regular audits on all activities to ensure that the HSEQ system is adhered to and developed in all areas.

  • the company, by being actively involved in e.g. industry groups, is constantly informed of the current regulations and guidelines, which are of importance to ships and their operations.

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