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The Recruitment Department assists in finding and recruiting candidates for open any position a client has, and to ensure these candidates are duly qualified/certified. This applies to both - sea and land-based positions.

The Recruitment Department`s goal is always to meet clients` needs by finding suitable candidates which match their organizational culture and open job positions.


The Recruitment Department has a wast knowledge of candidates for all jobs within the shipping sector, including shipyard workers, fitters, welders and etc.


 This is ensured through:

  • Communication with clients to get a clear view of their hiring needs and organizational goals;

  • Communication with international shipping companies and crewing agencies;

  • Defining job descriptions and document specifications;

  • Identifying prospective candidates using a variety of channels;

  • Recruiting senior officers and monitor recruiting of other seafarers through external crewing agencies;

  • Follow-up on references and check credits;

  • Presentation of shortlisted candidates to the principal;

  • Presentation of detailed candidate profile summaries;

  • Building long-term client relationships;

  • Ensuring that all candidates documents are up to date before commencing employment;

  • Communication with official authorities.

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