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FAS Agent

FAS Agent

As a FAS process agents, we coordinate the flag chaning procedure:

  • Establishing a Faroese limited company;

  • Providing the company with a Faroese address;

  • Oversee flag change inspection for class;

  • Documentation;

  • Communication with the Faroese authorities.

The flag changing procedure:

  • The company appoints a process agent in the Faroe Islands;

  • A ship owning company is founded in the Faroe Islands;

  • A date for the flag change is decided. We recomment that when the decision is taken, all parties involved be given 30 days notice to get ready for the flag change.

  • The process agent synchronizes all actions of parties involved: Owner, Operator, Technical Management, Class, Banks, Lawyers, Current flag state, and the Faroese Maritime Authorities.;

  • On the date chose, the vessel`s class has a flag change survey onboard on behalf of the Faroese Maritime Authorities;

  • The vessel changes the flag.

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