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CREW MANAGEMENT`s crewing department consists of highly experienced and motivated personnel who have as main objective to conform to the requirements of owners, national and international conventions, and legislations.

The Crewing Department ensures, through long term planning of rotations and travels, that the vessels are manned with qualified personnel, and plans courses, training programs, etc. so that our crew always meets internal and external demands. The crew is carefully selected through our network of international manning agencies. Seafarers are carefully screened, to ensure that only those fully qualified and properly STCW certified will be employed. We cooperate with manning agents in Lithuania, Latvia, Russian, Ukraine, Philippines. also recruits if required senior officers from the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.

These tasks are undertaken with a focus especially on the economy, to run the specific vessel in the best possible way economically. Furthermore, the department is responsible for the education and training of cadets, as well as promotions, etc. The Crewing Department is in daily contact with our external crewing agencies, which has direct contact with our foreign seafarers. The department is likewise in continuous contact with authorities and organizations, in questions regarding manning.

The goal is o build up a steady selection of crew for each vessel, to ensure onboard consistency and reliability to provide the best quality for both vessels and cargo. offers various options including but not limited to:

  • Planning and arranging crew changes;

  • Arranging all means of traveling, visa, and accommodation;

  • Assitance with ITF/CBA coverage;

  • Assistance with all insurance matters;

  • Courses and education of the seafarer;

  • Document control;

  • Liaison with tax authorities of flag state;

  • Payroll control;

  • Applications for all necessary flag state endorsements.

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